Here’s why you shouldn’t sit next to Jeff during church.

So for the closing song for our church services today we sang Dear to the Heart of the Shepherd. As is my custom, I was singing out nice and strong. When we got to the second verse, I made a mistake and sang the words to the third verse. I quickly corrected myself, feeling slightly abashed, but sang on.

When we sang the third verse, Jeff sang the verse correctly, except that at the end of each phrase he sang the word that belonged in the second verse. So I started laughing, and couldn’t sing the rest of the song because I was laughing too hard. Bear in mind that we sit on the front row, so we weren’t even tucked in the back where it could go unnoticed.

I would caution you, if you sit next to Jeff, don’t make a mistake.

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  1. Oh, we went unnoticed because we were on the front row. Had we been somewhere in the back, there might have actually been people around to hear us.

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