Good news and bad news

Good news: Rachel’s abscess is doing a lot better. I took her to her pediatrician on Tuesday, and even by then it was noticeably improved. Most of the redness surrounding the abscess was gone, and it didn’t seem to bother her at all. The doctor said to go ahead and finish the antibiotic prescription, and that should be it.

Bad news: I’ve had a pretty bad cold this past weekend, and while I am feeling better today, I think I gave it to Rachel. Sorry kiddo. I’ve been wiping her snotty nose all day. She has been a little more snuggly than usual, and I admit that I like that a lot.

Good news: Rachel is becoming pretty independent. Up until recently I couldn’t play the piano. If I played while she was napping, she would wake up immediately, if I practiced when she was up, she would immediately come to me and demand to be held, then climb all over the piano. Now I am actually able to practice a little. She plays quite happily by herself for a while.

Bad news: While Rachel is happily playing by herself she is getting into EVERYTHING! Her arms don’t look that long, but she has an incredible reach, and she’s fast. Nothing is safe from her investigation.

For the record, I do not lock her up in Scout’s kennel so that I can enjoy some peace and quiet. She really climbs in there herself and closes the door (but she can’t latch it). She goes in there practically every day.

Good news: I made a fancy (for me) dinner tonight. Chicken Parmesan. Yeah, that’s what I said, chicken parmesan.

This is Rachel’s with a dinosaur shaped chicken nugget.

This is Rachel’s after I chopped it all up.

This is the grown up version:

Bad news: Hmmm, well, I got nothing.

9 Replies to “Good news and bad news”

  1. Mmmm, that looks pretty tasty! Did Rachel enjoy the dinosaur version? I’m glad that her arm is better–that first picture of the bug bite looked pretty bad and painful!!

  2. LOVE the dinasaur shaped version of the chicken parmesan! Too funny! It was fun chatting with you this evening, sure wish we lived closer. Sophia & Rachel would have so much fun together!

  3. Thank you for all your kind words. It tasted quite delicious. Jeff was a little surprised that I came up with something so creative. (Creative for me, anyway.)

    Marlene, as you know, I am no cook. When I do get carried away, I blog about it. You will notice that there are like three posts about food, and that is because over the past year I have made something creative and interesting about three times. If you come over, I’ll make you something special.

  4. When I said “I got nothing” I meant I couldn’t think of any bad news to follow up the good news. I was trying to be funny. Too clumsy I guess.

  5. The phrase, “I got nuthin” is a term you will find very common blogs or comment forums. It basically means that the person has nothing (more) useful to contribute to the thread but wants to be heard. Or, in this case, Noelle wanted to keep the flow going, but couldn’t. Still, she couldn’t leave things uneven.

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