How does your garden grow (part 2)

I went outside to play with Rachel yesterday afternoon and glanced at my garden. The first thing that struck me was how much the onions had grown.

Then I glanced at the beans (they are fun because the sprouts look so big and robust), and sure enough, most of them were popping out of the ground.

The cucumbers were also looking good.

Upon close examination I could see that the carrots were there too. They are really tiny, so tiny that I don’t think you could spot them in a photo, but you are welcome to check them out in person.
After all of the rain and wind this past week(end), my lilac stick is pretty much bare. Not really bare exactly, the leaves are still there, but all of the lilac petals are gone.
I hope that your garden is (or very soon will be) rockin’!
So how do you like my smileys? Rachel loves them. Here is one of her.
Here she is in her sunglasses.

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  1. Your garden looks so good! Thanks for all your awesome tips!! we are so excited about the growth in our garden too! The cucumbers, bean & Strawberries are coming along nicely!!

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