I can’t believe it

Less than one month ago, Gabi was relatively immobile. What a difference a month can make! She is now crawling a LOT! She can move pretty fast too. So we needed to modify our child-proofing situation. We used to have only one baby gate, and it was actively employed preventing Rachel from accessing the freezer downstairs. (She likes climbing on top of it to get to the food there, and she likes to open it to get at the food there. We used to have freezer pops in it, but now there is mostly just frozen milk for Gabi in there. Rachel can’t really tell the difference, so she regularly brings me a bag of milk, hoping that it is a freezer pop. Which it isn’t.) Anyway, when we moved Rachel into her “big girl bed” we needed to put a baby gate in the doorway so that she would stay in her room. I was moving the baby gate back and forth. I was rescued by a piano student of mine who offered me 2 baby gates. Now I have one blocking the freezer, one blocking the doorway to her bedroom, and the third is blocking access to the downstairs to protect Gabi from falling down. Yesterday Gabi tried to climb up the stairs, but she didn’t have much success. Nevertheless, I suppose I need to get a fourth baby gate also.

This afternoon Gabi was pulling on her car seat. I put my foot on it to stabilize it, so she wouldn’t pull it onto herself, and get hurt. Before I knew it she had pulled herself onto her feet. I was caught off guard. I didn’t expect her to pull herself up so soon. Anyway, I was able to capture it on film. After I started filming, it took her a while to pull herself up, but she sure did it!

This is a picture of Rachel doing the hand gestures to a song that she is singing. I think it might be “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.” It is a game that she plays on the computer.

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  1. Last night while I was watching Rachel and Gabi, Gabi decided to follow Rachel upstairs (as Rachel was leading Scout around by a leash). Gabi would pull herself up, start to lean on one hand and topple sideways. She bonked her head once against the wall 🙁

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