Let there be tomatoes!

So I was puttering around in my garden, removing the succors from my tomatoes, when I was delighted (meaning happy, not meaning that the light was removed from me) to see that I have two tomatoes of the cherry tomato variety. Isn’t that awesome?!

I decided to go ahead and take some other pictures of my garden to show its progress.

The green beans in the back right corner are flourishing.

My other garden box.

My burning bushes look nice, but they’re not burning yet.

I have blackberries. (Technically they are greenberries still, but I have high hopes, even faith!)

But the most beautiful thing growing in my garden:

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  1. I don’t want to report on the unsuccess of our garden (one dead tiller, lots of weeds, tomato plants in their pots sitting on the back deck…), but let’s just say that I am very proud of yours. I will live through you this year and for you I am happy, and for me I am sad!

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