More Rachel Cuteness!

Can anyone tell that I’m getting excited for the Derby? Today Rachel wore her new Derby dress that she got as a present from her aunt Luella. (You know, the pink one that I don’t have a hat to match.) Jeff decided to match her and wore his Derby tie. So here they are in their cute Derby attire.

Today in church Rachel demonstrated her ability to sing while blowing razzberries. She spent most of the sacrament portion of the meeting (you know, the supposedly quiet time) singing through her razzberries. I guess it wasn’t the most reverent behavior, but it was funny. She got a lot of comments on her singing ability. Suz called it her froggy sound. We managed to catch her repeating the skill while we ate dinner. Here it is:

6 Replies to “More Rachel Cuteness!”

  1. I love and miss those baby sounds. I have noticed that she has one volume–rather loud and often wonder what you have instore for you in the future. My girls are loud as well. The video is too cute.

  2. that is so dang funny. I laughed until I had tears. Loren thought it was a bird. what a funny baby. she doesnt even sound human!

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