From the Shores of Lake Noelle

I have changed the name of my placental lake from Noelle Lake to Lake Noelle. It’s a small difference, but I think Lake Noelle sounds a little better. Am I a little egotistical to name it after myself?

Jeff told me that yesterday Rachel went to nursery. That’s a little early since she doesn’t turn 18 months until March 22, but I guess he figured he could hang out in the hallway with her, or he could hang out in nursery with her. He chose nursery. I’m kind of sad I missed Rachel’s first day of nursery, but I suspect that even if she had waited until March 22 I would have missed it anyway.

Rachel and Jeff came by to visit yesterday after Rachel’s nap, and before going to Grandma and Grandpa’s house. Rachel was so sweet. She always greets me with a kiss and a hug, and she says “mama” to me now.

Sounds like I was having some more uterine irritability again yesterday. My nurse was speculating a possible cause, that baby Gaby is pretty active. She’s not really any more active than any normal baby, but that my uterus is sensitive to it. She said that while I was on the monitor it seemed that when baby Gaby kicked, my uterus reacted. This is mere speculation, but hey, speculation is my favorite sport.

So here’s some exciting news. Today I’m 24 weeks. Yeah!

While I was on the monitors this morning I could hear that baby Gaby has hiccups. Actually the nurse pointed it out to me, but then I could totally hear it.

Well, my doctor has come and gone, and all is well. She says that I am very stable, so it looks like bed rest is serving its purpose. And I don’t just mean getting me out of housework.

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  1. I think explorers usually name things after themselves. Do you think them egotistical? I say, you’ve got to promote your name as much as you can! (Which is why I think Malauna is such a good name for your baby! :P)

  2. Well, ya learn something new every day! I never heard of such a thing as a placental lake. I’m so glad baby Gaby is so healthy and strong. Keep ‘er cookin’!

  3. Hi, Noelle! I just logged in tonight after a long time not checking in, and I read all your postings over the past few weeks. WOW! I had no idea all this was going on. I wish I had checked in earlier. Now I will keep much closer tabs on you! Could I call you on your cell phone sometime? What time of day would be best? I wouldn’t want to interrupt your progesterone shot or your 5 minute cold shower or cause you to spill more water on yourself when the phone startles you!

    The sound link to Gabriela’s heartbeat was amazing. It made me smile. I really enjoy all your postings and pictures. You always were a prolific writer. (Remember the continuous notes we left for each other in Mrs. Avery’s classroom? – I think one of us still has them somewhere 🙂 I have always treasured our friendship and my heart goes out to you and your family now.

    Gabriela Nicole is a beautiful name, and 24 weeks is a great milestone. I know it is hard for you and Rachel to be away from each other during this ordeal, but the blessing is that you are realizing just how strong your support network can be when you need them!

    I love the sound of Lake Noelle and I don’t think it is at all egotistical. After all, who else would you name it after? That would just be wierd. The only other possible person would be Gaby and I think she is getting enough attention already.

    Anyway – it is very cold here and my car is in the shop. Today was Bill’s 41st birthday and we are all doing well. I will stay in touch – Anne

  4. Hey, I love baby hiccups. Chrissy had the hiccups every day of my pregnancy from about 17 weeks on. It was so funny. And SOoooo reassuring, since I knew as long as she was hiccuping, she was okay. Enjoy. Congrats on hitting 24 weeks! Keep hanging on. We’re keeping you in our prayers.

  5. Hi Noelle, Please thank your wonderful husband again for all of his internet help yesterday. You can let him know that we were finally able to fix my laptop and our internet connection, so I am online again. Go ahead, make the sacrifice and stay in bed(read books, watch movies, go on the internet) as long as you need to so that baby Gaby has the chance to be as healthy as possible! Once she’s born, you probably will forget what all of those things even are for a very long time!

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