My Garden

I tried to wait, I really did, but the beautiful weather, the presence of my plants, my desire to not clean, all combined forces to push me to plant my garden a little earlier than I had planned.

Derby day (the first Saturday in May) is recognized around here as the last possibility for a spring frost, so that is when it is safe to put everything in the ground. I checked the weather, and didn’t see any chance of frost, so I went ahead and gambled and put in my garden.

So here it is:

We have six tomato plants (4 regular, and 2 cherry), 1 pepper, canteloupe, cucumber, beans, carrots, lettuce, onions, and marigolds. The onions and the marigolds have the job of keeping out bugs.

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  1. Your garden looks beautiful! I’m quite jealous. I think the weather might be nice enough now for us to think about planting. Also, thanks for the Derby winner information. Very interesting!

  2. Noelle,I’m going to have to miss your upcoming gardening class for Enrichment because of Cub Scouts. I’d love any notes you can pass along. I would love to plant some of the same things as you, especially tomatoes. Way to go. I bet you’re excited to see some results.

  3. hey, its looking great! we’ll just all hope with you that it doesn’t frost- although you’re right; it doesn’t seem very likely at this point. =3

  4. It does look great and I am glad you didn’t hold back on something that brought you so much joy. Now, let’s have this enrichment activity at my house this week and you can repeat what you just did in my garden. I think that’s the plan!

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