My Mom

Today is my Mom’s birthday. If she were still alive she would be 79 years old today.

I have noticed that I am a lot like my Mom, both the good and the bad attributes. Fortunately she mostly had good attributes, so, you know, me too. Even though I may have been something of a disappointment as a kid, I think my Mom would be happy with who I am today.
My mom loved music, she loved animals, especially horses (at least in my memory), she loved literature. She wrote several short stories, many of them from her own life, which I must say was pretty interesting. One of her greatest literary contributions was a poem called “The Last Noelle.” Gee, I wonder who that one was about (tee hee hee).
Do you recognize that cute little girl? That’s right, it’s me (Noelle), age 17 months.

Happy birthday Mama, I love you.

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  1. was thinking of your Mom a lot, since it was her birthday so
    celebrated by catching up on your blog. I just love it! the
    pictures and stories are so cute and full of humor (intellectual,
    of course). Your Mom and I had some wonderful growing-up
    times together. It was good to see your Memorial to her!
    Isn’t it amazing that one Mother can have children that are
    like her but so uniquely different and special!

  2. Thank you Noelle for the beautiful tribute to Mom. I ate a cherry chocolate in her memory – and I actually liked it! go figure(I usually can’t stand them) I can’t wait to see you in a few days!
    Love, Luella

  3. Noelle–Thanks for the post. Your Mom was a beautiful woman. I know that, not so much from the pictures, but because I can see her beauty shining through you. You must make her very proud (I can just see her up in heaven smiling down at you everytime you sing to Rachel. . . )

    I DO however, regret that I have NEVER read the poem the Last Noelle. I think it is time for it to be published!

  4. Thanks for the post Noelle. And thanks for the pictures. Your mom was amazing. I can’t believe she has been gone nine years already. She did a great job passing on a legacy through you. I can’t wait to help you tell Rachel about our Grandma.

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