My sweet girls

I don’t usually like to use this blog to tell sob stories. I prefer to keep it positive and upbeat. Today needs to be something of an exception, however, because I really want to tell a story about Rachel, which starts with a sob story.

I am having a bad week. A really, really bad week. And I’m not handling it very well. This morning I broke down and cried. Rachel saw me, and immediately asked, “What’s wrong, Mommy?” I told her “Mommy’s sad.” She said “Want ice?” Rachel knows that ice makes boo boos feel better. So I helped her get me some ice. She said “Feel better now Mommy?” “Yes,” I told her, “I feel better. Thank you.” Then she gave me a big hug. I love my sweet Rachel.

Gabi, wanting to contribute to making Mommy feel better, dressed up as the little known super hero, The Little Patriot. Who knew that Gabi was just her alter-ego? Her costume consists of pink pajamas, Rachel’s panties, and Jeff’s tri-cornered hat. I’m not sure what her super powers include, besides excessive cuteness, that is.

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