My sweet, innocent little angel

When will I learn?

Rachel is pretty good most of the time about entertaining herself. The problem is that said entertainment generally involves property destruction.

Have I ever mentioned her affinity for climbing?

Those two traits don’t give me much peace.

So I was doing something, and Rachel was entertaining herself. I heard a noise that forced me to check up on her.

She had climbed up on to the table and was pouring out an entire bag of Honey Bunches of Oats, scattering them with her feet, and eating them.

Scout was enthusiastically cleaning up everything on the floor.

Somebody, please hurry and tell me that two is easier than one.

13 Replies to “My sweet, innocent little angel”

  1. Oh my goodness. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a precious picture! (I wish Scout was in it!!) She’s so darling. Oh, and as far two…. hmm… I am sure you know it’s going to be so crazy at times, but trust me, it’s so worth it!

  2. When Marty was just older than Rachel, she managed to move a chair from another room, to allow herself to climb up the oven reaching out over the stove, to get at some sticky rolls Randy-Lynne had made. She even used a spatula to cut out a “square”.

    I agree with Holly. You got a LOT more fun coming.

    -Terry W

  3. I love your pictures! Have you ever framed them in sequence? Those piano shots would look adorable over your piano! As for two… don’t you remember Mom’s saying? one boy is a whole boy, two boys are a half a boy? well, I don’t know about girls – I only have two boys!

  4. Ha, ha. I love Honey Bunches of oats too… but I don’t think they sound so good when you mention feet in the same sentence. I’m sure your blog posts will only get MORE EXCITING with two!! 🙂

  5. Two is harder than one. You might as well know the truth at the outset. Especially when they are close in age. My solution was when Rachelle gave me a double jog stroller. I strapped both boys in it whenever possible. That way I always knew where they were. BTW, how did you get that last post to read upside down?

  6. Two IS easier than one. Particularly if the first one is as sweet and loving as Rachel is. Besides, especially at first if one of them is getting into trouble, at least the other one will be there, too. haha. It’ll be fabulous–you’ll see.

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