New Students

I just started teaching a new family of piano students. I teach four of them, mom and three kiddos. But we’re doing things a bit differently. Instead of paying cash, they are bartering for lessons. Services rendered include babysitting, cleaning, and preparing meals. AWESOME! Don’t get me wrong – I like cash, but there is also great value in those services.

Rachel is going through a very interesting phase right now, and it has to do with clothes. She is very opinionated about what clothes she wears, and when she is done wearing them, off they come! This morning she wanted to wear some pajama bottoms and a pink sweater. Very cute. She went outside with some bubbles to play with, and came in a few minutes later wearing just her diaper.

Inspired, I suppose, by the piano lessons, Rachel sat down at the piano and started practicing herself.

Sure enough, outside on the patio, at the bottom of the stairs, were Rachel’s discarded clothes.

Meanwhile, sweet little Gabi slept.

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