Nine Months Old Today

Today Rachel turned 9 months old. I gotta tell you that this past month has been eventful to say the very least!

On the day she turned 8 months old Rachel started crawling. It was actually scooting on her tummy, but she covered distance pretty well that way. A few days later she grew her first tooth. A week after that she started pulling herself up onto her feet. A week later she started crawling actually on her hands and knees. (The hands and knees method is still a bit slow, so when she has a sense of urgency, like getting into Scout’s water dish, she is a scooting fiend.) Last Tuesday she started crawling up the stairs. She could only master one step at that time, but last night she managed to get all the up the stairs with no help at all. I admit that I helped in that I stood behind her and prevented her from falling when she got a little distracted, but I didn’t help her get to the next step.

Is next month going to be this eventful? I don’t think my nerves can stand any more.

Tomorrow is Rachel’s nine-month check-up. Tune in for her vital statistics tomorrow.

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  1. The bow thing will have to wait until she is about 3 or 4 and she will say-mom, I want a pretty bow…will you teach me to put one in? but she is pretty with or without bows! I’m so glad that you have so many pictures so we can see her grow. You are an awesome mom. Rachel is lucky, you are so fun. I love you guys. I’m really missing this sweet thing right now.

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