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I’ve noticed a lot of my friends here are starting to take a look at and support Mitt Romney as a Presidential candidate. I would like to list a number of websites I visit that will help explain why Mitt Romney is the best candidate to be President, and has been for many years. I will also list some sites that are Republican or Conservative in nature and will post positive and negative commentary about Romney. Some of them have comment sections and you can read through those to get a feel for the pros and cons of subject at hand.

http://www.mittromneycentral.com/ – Has a very active live chat. And many great Romney articles. Run by Nate Gunderson
http://www.rightspeak.net/ – I’m a contributor. Mostly pro Romney. Run by Bosman.
http://www.race42012.com/ – Covers all of the candidates, lively comment section by followers of different candidates.
http://www.whyromney.com/ – Sets the record straight on the rumors
http://www.aboutmittromney.com/ – Has the most complete explanations on various controversial issues about Romney. A good site for backup when someone accuses Romney of being a RINO, not a Conservative, etc.
http://evangelicalsformitt.org/ – An Evangelical take on Mitt Romney. They’ve even released a book on Amazon explaining why evangelicals can vote for Romney
http://americaneedsmitt.com/blog/ Run by Mike Sage who also has a nightly Romney radio show. Mike also has a number of other pro Romney sites, all are worth checking out. (http://mittfitts.com/, http://mittchicksrock.com/, etc)

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