Politics – Why Republicans Don’t Want Hillary To Win

While Noelle may not want to turn her blog into a political forum, I have no problems doing that here. (Note the title… Machtyn’s Errant Ramblings.)

Anyway, this one is titled, “Why Republicans Don’t Want Hillary to Win the Democrat Nomination.”

With John McCain as the front runner for the Republican party (what a joke!), the citizens of the United States of America are now awaiting the nominee for the Democrat party. Will it be Barak Obama or Hillary Clinton? Neither socialist Democrats are a good choice. However, I think at this point Barak Obama gives John McCain a better chance to win. I will list the reasons below.

1. John McCain has already endorsed Hillary Clinton for president.
In 2005, John Mccain said the following, “I have no doubt that Sen. [Hillary] Clinton would make a good president.” This statement can be used effectively by Hillary Clinton against John McCain. Granted, if she does, it will be out of context. But when has context prevented the Clintons from stating lies and defamation?

2. Barak has no substance, therefore easier to defeat

3. A lot of people want free stuff and they don’t care where they get it. Hillary Clinton is promising free* health care. She glosses over the fact that she wants to raise taxes. Though, there are enough of her supporters that are willing to pay more taxes.

These are a few reasons why I think Republicans really do not want Hillary Clinton to be the Democrat nominee. Okay, so they are pretty weak reasons, but #1 is a pretty important point.

Next time I will post why John McCain is bad for America.

2 Replies to “Politics – Why Republicans Don’t Want Hillary To Win”

  1. Just speaking for myself, I don’t want Hillary to win, I don’t want Obama to win, and I don’t want McCain to win. Where does that leave me?

  2. there were alot of republicans that voted for Hillary in the last primary to keep her and Barak at each others throats. While I think it is funny in the moment, I can’t help but think ARE YOU CRAZY?! What if this backfires. Can you ever look yourself in the face again? Just thinkin’

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