Poor Rachel

Rachel has been sick. On Thursday after her nap I thought she felt warm, so I took her temperature, and sure enough she had a fever of 101.9º. So I took care of that, and we took it easy the rest of the day. On Friday she seemed fine, but Friday night, after we put her to bed, she started crying and fussing a lot, which is not really like her. So I checked on her, and again I thought she felt hot. I took her temperature, and this time it was 102.5º. She had kind of a rough night, and in the morning I took her temperature again, and this time it was 103.5º. I called the pediatrician, and got some advise, and we took it easy all day. At about 4:00 in afternoon, suddenly she seemed energetic, happy, and ready to roll, and I started thinking that maybe she was over whatever bug she was fighting. Nope. Tonight I took her temp again, and it was back up to 101.2º. No other real symptoms, so I hope she is soon her energetic self again.

I don’t like it when Rachel is sick, but I must say that she is so cuddly and sweet when she’s sick. It is the silver lining.

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