Potty Training

Yesterday we almost gave up on potty training Rachel. She had three poopie accidents, and I don’t even remember how many pee pee accidents. One of the poopie accidents ended up on the wall. I was really frustrated!

This morning I girded up my loins, fresh courage took, and decided to try again. She actually did great all day today (until the very end). Most significantly she had a real breakthrough. After her nap Rachel of her own free will went upstairs, and I recognized that she needed to go to the bathroom. I’ll followed her into the bathroom, and she peed in the potty. About 10 minutes later she did the same thing. She headed upstairs on her own, and did some obvious body language to indicate that she had to go to the bathroom. I followed her, but this time she didn’t want me in the bathroom with her. With some trepidation I allowed her to take care of business on her own. After I heard the water run I joined her in the bathroom, and using my detective skills I found evidence that she pooped in the potty. That was the first time EVER she has taken initiative to poop in the potty.

Now I am under no illusion that she has potty training mastered, but I feel a lot better about it tonight than I did last night.

So my question is, how much longer will she rely on me to get her to the bathroom on her own?

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