Well, having received a number of questions, I will now attempt to answer them. However, the response to ask me a question was quite underwhelming… but did I really expect more?

SickNeurologist asks: What are the genetic markers, the physiologic causes and the diagnostic parameters of Lou Gerhig’s Disease?

Lou Gerhig’s Disease is a pretty devastating disease to get. But did you know that is not the real name of the disease? It’s not. It just happens that Lou Gehrig is one of the more famous people to have acquired this debilitating disease. The genetic marker would be that you have a pre-disposition to playing baseball. Yes, there is a gene that marks you as a baseball player. I don’t have that. The physiological cause is you’ve spent too much time watching, playing, worrying about, and taking knocks in the nose with baseball. I should worry a little bit, I’ve caught enough baseball’s with my nose in my little league career. And the diagnostic parameters would be taking a full body X-Ray to scan for healed bones and other indicators that the person has played too much baseball.
Okay, that wasn’t as funny as I’d hoped :p

noelle asks: What causes Firefox to crash with that Visual Instance Studio thing?

Your computer is sick. I need to get you a new one. I’m hoping that I have a chance at one soon or I will replace it with my test computer… which is actually pretty nice.

noelle again asks: One more thing, who is your favorite basketball player of all time?

My favorite basketball player of all time… Wow! an actual, easy to answer question! Michael Jordan! He was the greatest, both in ability and in marketing. Plus, he seems to be a pretty decent guy, not like the thugs who play for the NBA now.

malauna asks: How do you put a working link in the comment box?

Oh goody! A technical question. A lot of the cool little features I put in my blog are because I have been able to learn a little HTML and CSS. Both of these are very easy once you get into it… really. Just head over to the W3 Schools for an in depth education on these topics. Having said that I will explain what an anchor tag is. (This is the answer)

If you notice right below the comment box, you will see the following line:

You can use some HTML tags, such as <b>, <i>, <a>

<b>bold</b> means make the letters or words within bold, <i>italic</i> means make the letters or words within italic, and <a></a> means make the letters or words within an anchor for something. The anchor is actually more complex than the other two. So here is the format:

<a href="http://myWebPage">Text to be linked</a>

So, if I wanted to link to Noelle’s blog in a comment or on my blog, I would type:

<a href="http://gosnellfamily.blogspot.com">Noelle's Blog</a>

It would then appear like Noelle’s blog.

Now, suppose you want your link to show up in a new window or in a new tab. You would then add target=”_new”. The word “_new” could also be “_blank”. It could actually be anything as long as there is a preceding _. I think that if you gave it an alternate name, all links with that name will appear in the same window/tab. So, anyway, say you want to link to today’s Calvin & Hobbes, but make it show up in another window/tab… your code would look like:

<a href="http://www.gocomics.com/calvinandhobbes/" target="_new">Calvin & Hobbes</a>

It would then appear like Calvin & Hobbes

I hope this answers your questions. I wish I had more… but this was fun.

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  1. I already knew the answers to both of my questions. But I felt a moral obligation to participate. My favorite was Malauna’s question and your answer. That was cool. Now you can check my blog from here!

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