Rachel and Scout – Best Friends Forever

Rachel and Scout really are best friends. They play so well together (most of the time). Too bad I am not faster with my camera, because a lot of interaction between them I have been unable to capture. For example, one day the Delgado’s were over for piano lessons. Samantha saw this, as did I, but I couldn’t take a picture. Scout was sitting innocently in front of the couch, when Rachel crawled over and pulled herself up on him, then pulled him down to the floor where they rolled around together. It was pretty funny.

Rachel is pretty much eating table food (finely chopped). She likes it more than the baby food in jars. She picks is up and either shoves it in her mouth,
or throws it on the floor (with Scout’s approval).
Here are some more pictures of Rachel and Scout playing together.

Rachel went to Scout’s kennel to see if he was there. Nope, nobody’s home.
Next time I come to visit, you’d better be there!
Just hanging around together.
Scout taught Rachel how to go out the doggy door. Mama does not approve!
They are both interested in the same things. I’m just not sure what those things are. Interesting note about this picture. I had put Rachel’s pants back on her after I changed her diaper, but somehow by the time this picture was taken, they were off and wadded on the floor (I’m sure an omen of things to come.)

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  1. I love these pictures. They are so funny. It reminds me of Emily when she was that age. Bosco loved Ems, especially when she was in her highchair! (a bite for you, a bite for me) The doggy door pic is the funniest one. When you’re a baby, you have to find ways to show your independance! If she wants to go out, she can go out! easy!hee hee

  2. So, those pictures are pretty darn cute. You could write a whole story about it! The best part is, I know it didn’t even require any posing! What a team!

  3. Hey theere! Love the photos of Rachel and Scout! I hope V and Cicero are as good of amigos!!

    You asked about watermarks, I use photoshop to do mine… but there are some programs out there that are free and just provide watermarking… I love my photoshop though!

  4. What adorable pictures! Rachel is going to be showing off her independence more and more every day – look out! Nicholas used to do the same thing with Mallorie, only she didn’t have a crate, she had a pillow that Nicholas made his own. Mallorie loved treating him like he was her puppy!

  5. they really are so cute together! This pic of them in the doggie door is the best!!!

    I approve of the pink! Why is there only polish on one toe and not the other 9? Do I need to take care of that?

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