Rachel is 18 months old (yesterday)

Wow! Who thought this day would ever come? Yesterday Rachel turned 18 months old. That is a significant milestone, as she is now a legal participant in nursery. (Jeff has taken her there before and stayed with her a couple of times in the past when she was still underage.)

Today she had a doctors appointment (thanks Grandma for taking her). Here are her vital statistics:

height: 32″ (60th%)
weight: 25 lbs. 8 oz. (70th%)

The doctor also recommended taking a chewable vitamin every morning since Rachel is not exactly an enthusiastic consumer of vegetables. The doctor also recommended taking chewable claritin to help treat her allegies. Rachel got two shots, and with the help of a lollipop, she handled it pretty well.

In other news, today I hit 27 weeks. That makes this the first day of my third trimester. They say that the 2nd trimester is the easiest, so that begs the question, what is this next trimester going to be like? Next week (28 weeks) is the next important milestone in this pregnancy. At that point they will reevaluate me and maybe, possibly send me home.

Jeff wanted a new belly shot of me.

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

Jeff also wanted a picture of my bare belly, but you will not find that one posted anywhere! And lest you are asking yourself “why is she standing up when she’s supposed to be on bed rest?” I’ll just say that I figured if I’m allowed to walk to the bathroom, I figured I was okay to stand up for a quick picture.

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  1. Hey, that was the fattest I could make my belly. Not bad, eh? Of course, I wouldn’t suggest the type of “diet” program I’m on. It’s called the stress diet!

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