Rachel’s First Halloween

At the ripe old age of 5 and a half weeks, Rachel had a once in a lifetime experience (well, so far) – Halloween! What better time to introduce her to the glories of candy! (I’m kidding!)

We got a cute little Halloween outfit from Rachel’s birth family, and Paul and Andrea gave her a little ghost hat with gloves, which completed the ensemble. Now is that not the most precious thing you ever saw?! Scout thinks she is too cute.

Actually, I was able to get a little candy out of the deal. What can I say, Rachel told me “aah” which clearly means, “Go ahead, Mama, I didn’t really want any candy today. I’m trying to watch my girlish figure.”

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  1. Ok, you definitely out did yourself dressing her for Halloween. Very Cute. And, there is no shame in mooching candy from the kids. Steve makes the girls pay a candy tax for the time he took them out trick or treating. (of course usually that means they give him all the candy they don’t like . . . )I’m loving your blog. Keep it up!

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