Rachel’s Fun Week

Rachel has had a lot of fun this past week. She and I have been going to the park several times. It has been such beautiful weather too. We went to E. P. Tom Sawyer Park, and to Moser Farm park twice. While at Moser Farm park we found a really pretty spot with a water fall.

Last Saturday Jeff took Rachel to Lexington (actually Georgetown) to the pumpkin patch. They met up with Trish, Jarrod, and their kids Austin, Waveney and Grace, and Paul, Andrea and Jonas. I couldn’t go because I had rehearsal. They had a great time, and took some really cute pictures.

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  1. Rachel–Parks are my favorite place to go in the fall, and pumpkin patches are my second favorite place to go in the fall. You are SO lucky (and I am a bit jealous. . . )

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