Rachel’s got skilz

Hi. I are Rachel. This has been a awful exciting week for me. First we had lots and lots of snow. I didn’t really play it it. Mommy says I too little. But Scout played in it, and he’s the same size as me!

Then one of Daddy’s friends at work sent me some really cool things. I got a hand-me-down new carseat. It’s a good thing too, cuz I is almost too big for the one I got when I got borned. She also sent me some new toyz. One is a train with numbers. I don’t really know my numbers yet, but Mommy said they’re numbers. Another is a spiral thingy that makes noise. I like noise. A lot. And the last thing is a castle that I can put shapes and letters in. Apparently there are four shapes and four letters, cuz that’s all the castle have. Cool, huh?
On Tuesday I ate cereal for the first time in my whole life. My first meal of cereal I ated in my carseat (you know the one, the one that’s too little). Buy my mommy bought me a fun little high chair that you can strap to the regular kitchen chair. It will convert when I are bigger into a booster seat. It’s wicked awesome. Mommy bought it from amazon. She ordered it on Wednesday, and it came Friday, so now I are in high chair heaven! I also learned how to hold my bottle all by my little lonesome. I think my milk tastes better when I holds it all by myself!

Thursday was Valentine’s Day. Daddy stayed home from work that day because he was sick. Poor daddy. He is feeling better now.

On Saturday we went to a swim meet where my cousins Austin, Waveny and Grace were competing. It was really fun. I can’t wait until this summer when mommy says we can go swimming.

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  1. I’m glad to hear that you got Rachel a high chair that straps to a kitchen chair! Remember to take it with you to ward dinners, or to other people’s houses to make your (and Rachel’s) eating experiences more joyful.

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