Rolling Over and Cold Fusion

Rachel here. I have something to blog about today. Remember back about 15 or so years ago, when scientists at the University of Utah said that they had achieved cold fusion? Other scientists around the world tried to duplicate the results, but couldn’t. In the scientific world (of which I am not a part), they call that kind of thing an anomaly. That is what rolling over is for me. I did it once, but even when the same circumstances are present, I just can’t seem to duplicate the results. What’s the deal? It was so easy the first time, but no longer. My mom says not to worry about it, that I’m still young, and I have my whole life ahead of me. I sure hope so.

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  1. Moving around is overrated Rachel!! Stay put! (I don’t think Davey rolled until he was almost 6 months old and he’s normal….I think…)

  2. Thanks for the comment on my blog Noelle! Uh, I’ve actually known about your blog for several months. Malauna told me about it and I’ve been reading it without leaving comments or really participating. It has been nice to know what is going on with you. If I haven’t said so before, congratulations on the new baby! I also agree with the other comments left. When Rachel is moving around and pulling all the books off your shelves and taking everything out of the fridge and making a huge mess on the kitchen floor, you will wonder why you ever encouraged her to roll over. By the way, the same applies to talking. Don’t ever let her start!!

    PS I heard your mother curse you with the mother’s curse, so I know Rachel will be just like you!! Good luck!

  3. Rachel, Rachel, Rachel . . .
    I know the whole rolling over thing is scary–it’s like me thinking about doing a backbend in yoga, even though I have done one before.

    We both just worry that our heads might not end up in the same place our bodies are going.

    Take your time. (I like the relaxation pose the best, too!)

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