Sansa Connect and Yahoo! restricts my usage :(

Okay, I’ve been told to make interesting posts. Unfortunately, many times I don’t have time for an interesting post. But I’m typing pretty fast right now, so maybe I can churn out a 5-6 paragraph post. (I can’t seem to do things simply… they generally have to be on the slightly better than good to excellent/detailed order of things.)

Anyway, … see, I just wrote a 60 word paragraph and didn’t even breathe. Well, so I received a Sansa Connect (made by Sandisk) for Christmas. It’s a really cool MP3 player. I can connect to a wireless router and the Yahoo! music service and listen to all sorts of music for free. If I so desired, I could even subscribe to the service and download DRM music (DRM means I can’t transfer the files to listen on any other device… period). But I just found out today that this really cool feature is being discontinued by Yahoo. As such, the whole “wireless” thing is going to be disabled… with no plans for converting the wireless option to some other service.

So what do I have? A basic, run of the mill (that was a lot more expensive for a run-of-the-mill) MP3 player. Well, ok, it wasn’t expensive for me… and it really wasn’t that expensive at all. But it really stinks that half of its selling features are now being disabled.

… Well, it was late when I wrote that stuff above… and maybe none of it made sense, oh well. I’ve lost my train of thought. Well, I did see some good news about the Sansa Connect today. The group that develops an alternate operating system for mp3 players is looking at the Sansa Connect. So, maybe there’s hope.

Okay, so here is why I like the Ogg file format over mp3 (audio) and mp4 (video), it is because it produces a smaller file with as good or better quality. This is very good when you can compress your 4 GB mp3 music library down to 2.5GB – 3GB ogg vorbis music library. Plus, you don’t have to worry about that nasty DRM that prevents you from playing your single copy of music on whatever device you wish (whether it be an Ipod, Sansa, Creative Zen, iRiver, or computer).

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  1. May your wireless music listening capabilities continue forever.

    May the Ogg file format supersede MP3 and MP4.

    May all your wishes come true.

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