I took Scout to the groomer for a haircut today. I took him in in the morning, and left him there. We had to wait our turn for the lady at the front desk, so we just stood in the entryway. Another lady who was leaving cautioned me that there was dog poopoo right behind me. Hmmm, when we got there there was no poopoo. I know it wasn’t me, Rachel, or even Gabi. Must have been Scout letting them know just what he thought about the idea of being there.

After we dropped him off we went to a class. When we got home the first thing Rachel did was call for Scout. I told her (again) that we had left him at the groomer for a haircut. We had lunch, then Rachel took a nap. During her nap I got a phone call that Scout was ready to come home, so when Rachel woke up I told her we were going to pick up Scout. She was very enthusiastic about that, and as we stepped outside onto the porch Rachel called “Scout!” I explained (again) that we had to go in the car and pick him up. Rachel was very happy to see him. The groomers even gave him a St. Patrick’s Day bandanna. He looks so cool (and scrawny).

Gabi just keeps growing up and getting bigger and more active. Today her 2nd tooth poked through her gum.

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