Today was a snow day. It snowed pretty good, but what made it significant was that after the snow came frozen rain. And more frozen rain. All day long. Even Jeff was given the day off (kind of – he worked from home for about 5 hours).

Rachel found various ways of entertaining herself. Here’s my favorite. (I should probably avoid photographic evidence of what a bad mom I am, but it was funny, so what can I say?)

You might be wondering what she’s doing. She’s blowing bubbles in Scout’s water dish. I can’t guarantee that there was no consumption of the water, but I promise her primary goal here was to blow bubbles. She’s getting ready to spend the summer at the pool.

In spite of the freezing rain, we bundled up to play outside in the snow (and ice) for a while. Rachel seemed to get a kick out of walking through the snow, even though she had a pretty hard time navigating it on her own. She would fall through the ice, then her foot would get stuck under the ice layer and she would fall down. Over and over again. But she was having fun.

I thought that for such a wintry day, some nice beef stew with mashed potatoes would hit the spot. Rachel really enjoyed it. Yes, that’s mashed potatoes in her hair.

6 Replies to “Snowday!”

  1. Oh, I thought it was a bow in her hair. Yummy! That is sure talent! bubbles! wow! Her and Scout must truly be bosom buddies! how sweet!

  2. I loved the pictures! Especially the blowing bubbles one..Rachel is so hilarious! It was really great seeing you this weekend. I hope you enjoy the pretty snow…and ice.

  3. What great pictures! That hat is so adorable on her! What good are homes where children are only expected to be neat, clean, and tidy? I just hope you changed Scout’s water…

  4. All I can say is that at least she was blowing bubbles in the water and not eating the dog food, which is what Jericho always did. yuck!

    Maybe Rachel heard that mashed potatoes were great for putting some extra shine into your hair. . .

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