Stepping Stones

Gabi: is now consistently going down the stairs on her own including (and especially) getting herself turned around she goes down feet first. Yay! Gabi’s two front top teeth have been visible just below the gums for like a month now. Yesterday finally one of them broke through. She is now the proud owner of three teeth. The other front top tooth may be a while before it busts out.

Rachel: I’m teaching Rachel how to say our address. The girls were in the bathtub yesterday after spending the afternoon outside playing in our kiddie pool and the sand box. I helped Rachel say our address, then on her own she finished with “in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.”

Gabi is really getting pretty good at walking. She seems to have taken it to the next level.

She may not be quite ready to run a marathon, but she’s well on her way!

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