Today was the primary program in our ward. I teach the Sunbeams, but since I have a team teacher, my partner sat with the sunbeams, and I sat on the front row to help with the music. (We have a very large primary, and the music director was on one side, so I stood on the other to help keep the kids focused.) Anyway, Jeff was sitting in the back with Rachel and Gabi. During the first song I felt a tug on my skirt and looked down to see Rachel. I picked her up and held her. Pretty soon Amber (my sister-in-law) came and took Rachel so she could sit with them, and I could help with the primary program with no interruption. Rachel sat very quietly and was very well behaved the whole time. Near the end of the program I saw that Rachel had opened her little bag of fruit snacks. She was sharing them with Amber’s little girl Rose. In fact she gave more to Rose than she ate herself. I was so proud of her the way she was sharing and being so sweet. It brought tears to my eyes.

Tomorrow Gabi turns 18 months old. At 18 months she can join the nursery. We went ahead and jumped the gun just a bit, and sent her to the nursery for her first official day today. Several months ago I was pretty worried about how she would do. But Jeff has been taking her to nursery for several weeks now and staying with her, not to mention I’ve taken her to the nursery when I go to the Book of Mormon class on Tuesdays, so she has gotten some exposure. Anyway, she did great. I took her to the nursery room and she didn’t even give me a backwards glance. She found a toy to play with right away, and could not have cared less when I left.

I just can’t believe how much my girls are growing up!

I had a chuckle as I was getting Gabi ready for church this morning, and I saw how far up her little tights went up, almost to her armpits.

Yesterday Jeff took the girls to the park in the morning and again in the afternoon after naps so that I could get some much needed work done on cleaning the house. (I’m not very good at housecleaning as it is, and much less so with the girls around.) Anyway, Jeff took some fun pictures of the girls at the park.
Rachel changed her clothes for her second excursion to the park. Actually she wore her Tinkerbell pajamas in the afternoon.
You may have noticed that three weeks have passed since my last post. I’m very ashamed of myself, and hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me. What you missed were two more Halloween excursions, and lots of eating of candy (by the girls). (Okay, I ate some candy too.) You also missed Jeff and I working at the Breeder’s Cup. Other than that, pretty much same old same old.

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