Super Duper Pooper

Today Rachel pooped in her potty chair. It’s not the first time she has pooped in an appropriate place, but honestly it has been a while (like a month). Today she started trying to pull off her pants (her sign that she needs to use the potty), and I noticed right away and asked her if she wanted to use the potty. I took her silence to be consent, and took her upstairs and took off her pants and her diaper and sat her down. Sure enough, when she stood up there was the prize. It was actually the first time she pooped in her own potty, although she had pooped in the big toilet before. So she got lots of hugs and kisses, and three stickers.

I was thinking the other day that we don’t have any pictures of Gabi in the bathtub. I decided to remedy that this morning and took a few shots of Gabi. Notice that she is not longer the skinny baby she once was. She has some nice little fat rolls.

Gabi used to not like her bath that much. She seems to enjoy it more now, though. She did some kicking and splashing and everything.

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  1. Gabi still loves her hands I see! Send that pic to Michelle, she'll love seeing that Gabi has inherieting her love of hand holding!
    BTW, I love the fat rolls!

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