So a couple of weeks ago I was tagged (Thanks Jen!). I am supposed to list six facts or hobbies or interests of mine. Let’s see what kind of stuff I can make up . . .

1. I played the role of the munchkin farmer in my high school’s production of the Wizard of Oz.
2. I have played the bagpipe in a bagpipe band here in Louisville which gave me the opportunity to play in a group of 10,000 pipers and drummers down the streets of Edinborough.
3. I achieved a black belt in Tae Kwon Do.
4. I was in the Hill Cumorah Pageant 13 times between age 0 and age 18.
5. I skipped Kindergarten.
6. I play or have played the following instruments (but none of them very well).

  • piano
  • ‘cello
  • violin
  • guitar
  • accordion
  • bagpipe

Now I get to tag some more people. I’m sorry if this is the 17th time you’ve been tagged, but that is the price you pay for me knowing your blog location. I tag Andrea Gosnell, Malauna Gibby, Meredyth Harrison, Holly Casos and Summer Perrero.

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