Thanksgiving/First Snowfall of the Winter

We have had a very dry end of summer and early fall. It has really only rained 3 or 4 times in the past four months or so. The rainfall has started to pick up finally, though, and it rained all day on Wednesday, and all day yesterday (Thanksgiving). I’m really glad we got the rain. Really I am, but seriously, couldn’t we have spread it out a bit more over the past 4 months?

Overnight the temperature dropped even more, and we woke up to a light covering of snow on the ground. Rachel was ecstatic. She remembers snow. As soon as she realized there was snow outside breakfast was forgotten, and she got her winter clothes on, and she was outside. I don’t think Gabi remembered the snow, but she was enthusiastic about getting her winter duds on and going out in the snow herself.

I gave the girls blueberries with their lunch. Rachel is to the point where she can eat blueberries without getting the stain everywhere. Gabi, on the other hand . . .

For dessert after dinner we had leftover pie that I had made for Thanksgiving dinner. I made both chocolate and pistachio pies. They were good. Gabi couldn’t shovel it in fast enough. She needed both a fork and a spoon to get it in her mouth as fast as possible.

Rachel was all about sharing.

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