The Pool

Rachel just finished another round of swimming lessons. This time we signed up with a girl in our ward who just recently moved here. Different than the lessons at the YMCA we did earlier this summer, her teacher doesn’t have the children wear any type of flotation device. Rachel loved the lessons. She loves the pool in general. One of the teacher’s emphases this time was to teach Rachel to put her face in the water. Rachel’s face often ended up in the water, but it was because she sunk. She just couldn’t seem to tuck in her chin and put her face in the water.

Last night we went to the pool for an evening swim/desire to wear the girls out, ergo easy bed time. Rachel voluntarily tucked her chin and swam with her face in the water. And she did it over and over again.

It’s fun watching her make progress in the pool.

Next year Gabi will be in swimming lessons too.

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