The Veterinarian

I took Scout to the vet today. He is due for everything. When the office called to remind me about the appointment the girl told me they would need a fresh stool sample from Scout. Great. I expressed to the girl my concern that I might not be able to provide a fresh stool sample because Scout doesn’t always poop on demand. She said not to worry, they might be able to get one there.

So I didn’t worry.

When I put Scout’s leash on he was so excited. He loves going for walks. When I had him hop in the car his emotions changed from excitement to fear. He’s not a big fan of the vet. The whole (short) trip he was trembling. I kind of felt bad for him. Not that bad though.

When we got to the office they had me put Scout on the scale so they could weigh him. (15 lbs.) Scout decided that right then would be a nice time to provide a fresh stool sample. It was win-win. They got their fresh stool sample, and I didn’t have to clean it up.

Sorry for not prefacing this post with a reader warning that it was about poop.

When we came home, as we turned down our road the trash truck turned behind us. So we had to stay outside to watch the trash truck do its work. Pretty entertaining! Rachel absolutely didn’t want to go inside until the truck had finished our road. And our house was the last one.

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