The Zoo

On Thursday the weather was nice, we had no real plans, so we went to the zoo. Rachel’s favorite was the baby Elephant.

The picture is a little bit confusing, because the big elephant is no relation to the baby elephant. You can tell because the big elephant is an asian elephant (note the shape of the ears) and the baby is an african elephant. Still, cute picture.

My favorite was the orangutan. I don’t know why, but I have always liked monkeys. When I was (very) little, I thought that people had little monkeys inside of them, and that was how we moved. Turns out that’s not true.

We both really liked the tiger. He was a real cutie.

5 Replies to “The Zoo”

  1. Sometimes I think we are monkeys with people inside them.

    Some times tigers eat baby elephant.

    Lucky for you that didn’t happen.

    Cute and carnivorous seldom mix.

    MMMMMM Waffles.

  2. Marlene is cracking me up, but I have to agree with her. Hey–thanks for wishing me better health. I really do feel better–I suppose that will be until the advil wears off. Anyhow, the best thing you can help me with is to come over tonight and cook waffles and entertain me . . .You are a great friend!

  3. Tessa and I loved the zoo….maybe because our family members reminded us of zoo animals…heather might be the giraffe, Glen the rino, Dell is definitely the ape and I would be the zebra….Tessa, hummmm, what would she be???

    Love ya, Dawn 🙂

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