Three Drowned Rats

What an INSANE afternoon. As I was changing Rachel’s diaper before her nap, I noticed something that caused me some concern. I called her pediatrician, and the suggested I bring her in. So we scheduled her an appointment at 3:40 p.m. At about 2:45 it started to rain. And when I say rain, I mean torrential, Noah’s Ark style rain. It was raining so hard I thought it would rain itself out, but I was wrong. I had to wake Rachel up in order to get her to her appointment on time. So in the middle of the torrential downpour I packed up Rachel and Gabi and put them in the car. In the very short distance between the back door and the car, all three of us were soaked through to the skin. I don’t think I can adequately explain how hard it was raining. It was beyond belief.

It rained hard all the way to the doctor’s office, then continued to rain as I brought them into the office. I must have been a sight to behold. There was an umbrella in the car, so I used it, but try to visualize, if you can, me with the umbrella, extracting Rachel, then Gabi from the car, and trying to carry the umbrella, Rachel and Gabi into the office. By the time we got into the office we must have looked like quite a sight. Three drowned rats if you will (note the title of the post).

Turns out my concern for Rachel was legitimate, and we are treating it. When it was time to go I was unwilling to put Rachel’s drenched clothes back on her. By then the rain had stopped and it was quite sunny. You would have never believed the rain had been there at all. Anyway, instead of putting her clothes back on, the nurse practitioner who treated Rachel gave her a little surgical robe to wear home.

When we got home it was past time to feed Gabi, so I left Rachel to play while I fed Gabi. Feeding Gabi is generally a rather long process, it takes an hour, and just as I was finishing Jeff got home from work. He took over Rachel and Gabi while I fixed dinner. I was very glad to see him!

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  1. It must have been raining very hard, Noelle mentioned she could not drive over 20MPH at times.

    I was at work and the strength of the storm was just three miles away apparently, because I just got rain, not a torrential downpour.

  2. At times I couldn't drive over 10 mph. The conditions were so bad. Flash flooding and everything.

    Lillie, check your facebook message.

  3. Holy cow! That is an adventure. Wish Gabi would have gotten a little robe too so they could be twinners. They could have given one to you as well–now THAT would have been a sight!!!

    Hope Rachel is better soon.

  4. Is that the rain that came our way today? We brought Nicholas to a meeting for next year's Jamboree, and we got pretty wet. I think it calmed down a little though. I love Rachel's surgical gown. It's adorable! So didn't you want to get a picture of the three drowned rats and post that picture? 🙂
    I hope Rachel gets better soon. Diaper rashes of any kind are never fun!

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