Today Gabi is 7 months old

Amazing. Gabi is such a little sweetheart. Every morning she greets me with this beautiful smile:

She is doing great. I think she is getting close to crawling. She certainly moves around a lot when she is on the floor. She just doesn’t cover much distance. She loves eating solid food. There has been no food that I have offered her that she hasn’t devoured with extreme enthusiasm. And I haven’t even started on fruits yet. We’re talking green beans here, and peas. Gabi is a happy little baby, and very generous with her smiles.

Gabi loves her big sister Rachel.

Rachel has had a pretty rough week. Last Thursday she woke up from her nap with a fever, and we have been dealing with that for quite a while. Yesterday Rachel woke up much earlier than normal, and was obviously not really ready to get up, so we put her in bed with us. She slept quite a while in the morning. She didn’t wake up until after 10:00, and my visiting teachers were here. She didn’t seem to have a fever, but she had a rash. I called the doctor’s office, and they said to give her some benedryl. I didn’t have any, but my visiting teacher had some at her house, so she brought it to me. It did make the rash fade quite a bit, but it didn’t go away completely. A while later I changed Rachel’s diaper, and saw that the rash was also in her diaper area. I was getting nervous, so I called the doctor again, and they said I could bring Rachel in. The doctor said it was an allergic reaction, but she hasn’t had anything different. She also said that sometimes after a long fever, the rash can happen, so that’s what I think it is. The rash gets pretty bad, but it fades when I give her an antihistamine. She doesn’t seem to uncomfortable with it, so I’m grateful for that.

Today Rachel’s fever seems to be mostly gone. She has had a very slight fever, but not enough for me to be concerned about, but her rash is still there. I hope it goes away soon! Jeff and I are thinking about keeping her out of nursery this Sunday to increase the chances of having her be healthy for Christmas.

Rachel sleeping in our bed Monday morning

Rachel with the most patient piano student ever!
She likes having Rachel on her lap so she can blame her if she makes a mistake. Rachel is a big helper during lessons.

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