Today Gabi is 8 months old

Gabi’s 8-month-old portrait

Yes, it’s true. Today Gabi turned 8 months old. She is doing so great. She is such a happy cheerful baby. I don’t know how I got so lucky to have two great kids.

As I mentioned last week, Gabi is now crawling. She doesn’t cover great distances, but there is no doubt she is moving in a forward direction when she so chooses. You really have to see it in person. She moves kind of like an inchworm. First she pushes up on to her knees, then on to her toes with her little bum in the air, and then drops forward. Here is a video, but you really need to see her live and in person.

Of course the downside of Gabi crawling is now there is greater chaos in our house, but that is starting to feel like normal. Did I say “starting?” That has been the normal for some time now.

Soon I will post a video of Rachel saying her ABCs. I’ll have to have Jeff record it, because I’m certain she won’t do it if she knows the camera is rolling. She needs quite a bit of help, but she really does know many of her letters. For Christmas she got an alphabet puzzle. She picks up different letters and says a word that starts with that letter. Most of them are the pictures that are on the puzzle itself, but she knows “R” is her letter. She knows “G” is Gabi’s, she knows “M” is Mommy, and she knows “J” is Jeff.

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