Today Rachel turned 14 months old

What a momentous day. Rachel is 14 months old. This past month Rachel has spent perfecting her walking ability. She almost never crawls anymore. Of course that means the occasional tumble, but she’s pretty tough. She has also started learning more signs. She is very skilled at signing “dog” (that’s her favorite), and just a week ago she learned “cracker” and since she is often rewarded with a cracker when she pulls that one out, maybe that’s her new favorite. She is also skilled at signing “eat.” She signs “Daddy” and “Mama,” but she is not quite as predictable on those, and she signs “Daddy” more than “Mama,” so I’m a little jealous.

Rachel has recently learned how to climb out of the bathtub by herself and she is learning to fold her arms to pray. If the prayer is short enough (like 5 seconds) she might even keep her arms folded the whole time.

Rachel is also developing quite a skill at playing the trombone shaped kazoo.

We are still working on the harmonica, but she doesn’t have that quite down yet.

Overall it has been an eventful month for all of us.

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  1. she is sure growing up! and what a music wizzard! wow!, I hate it when they can climb out of the tub, they fall when they are all slippery. She is trouble all right but the best trouble to be in! She is adorable, just like her mom!

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