Unfamiliar Territory

I am embarking on unfamiliar territory. Gabi is approaching 18 months old, and she is now the same age Rachel was when I was put on bed rest. Jeff didn’t complain, but it wasn’t hard to tell that he struggled with Rachel at that age. Now I am having my first experience being the primary caregiver of a (nearly) 18-month-old. Let me tell you, it’s not particularly easy! I’m never sure how much they understand. Are they being naughty without meaning to? Or are they figuring out how to push my buttons? Anyway, these next three months should be interesting (that’s code for “a challenge”).

Last night we went to a Halloween Party which was a hay-ride and trunk or treat. Rachel was a beautiful magical unicorn with wings. (She thought she was a unicorn butterfly. Works for me.) Gabi was a pirate. Of course ours were the cutest kids at the party.
Anyway, we all had a really good time, and it didn’t hurt that the scenery and the sunset were beautiful!

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