Vacation (con’t)

Let me start by easing your concern. Rachel slept better on Saturday night and on Sunday night. Mama and Daddy were happy about that!

Saturday at the National Museum of the United States Air Force at the Wright Patterson Air Force Base

Sunday seeing the sights of Kirtland, Ohio

in front of the Kirtland Temple

in front of the Newel K. Whitney store

The restoration of this landmark won an award from Ronald Reagan (during his presidency) for its excellence.

Rachel in the “Little Red Schoolhouse”

It’s not really related to the tour exactly, but one of my most favorite parts of the tour was when one of the senior missionaries who was giving us the tour told us (in reference to Rachel) to let her wander and have fun. He said that his director had given them instructions that everything in these historic homes was repairable or replaceable, but that you couldn’t repair a child’s broken heart. That made me feel so much better because it took off the pressure from me of trying to make an almost 2 year old behave like an adult. I was able to relax and enjoy the rest of the tour much more. I will add that while Rachel did wander in and around the displays, and touch many things that were behind ropes, she didn’t break anything.

Monday at the Johnson Farm in Hiram, Ohio

We traveled in style, thanks to our friends and family. Jeff’s mom let us drive her minivan, so we had plenty of space, Monica let us borrow her portable DVD player so Rachel and Gabi could stay entertained. So thanks to everybody. We had a good time. (But I’m glad to be home!)

Rachel travels home in style!
Notice that she has in Jeff’s ear buds listening to his MP3 player.

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  1. What a wonderful thing for the senior missionary to tell you! It must have been so nice not to have to chase Rachel around so much after that.

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