Warm and sunny

With such beautiful weather Rachel and I decided to enjoy some time in the back yard and get some work (or whatever) done in the garden. Does taking pictures count as working in the garden?

Remember nearly a month ago I took some pictures of the garden? Well, these past few weeks have seen some changes. Here is my lilac stick (or as some people call it, a bush). That’s Rachel in the background.

This is what will be going in my garden very soon. There are six tomato plants, 1 green pepper, and some marigolds. Marigolds are supposed to be good for keeping out bugs, so I plan to strategically place them around the garden.

Here is my blackberry bush. I haven’t seen any blossoms yet, but it is getting some nice leaves on it. Hopefully the blossoms will show up soon.

Here are my burning bushes. I love these things in the fall when they turn red. Red is my favorite color.

Here is my Rachel blossoming in the back yard. She is growing like a weed, but the kind of weed we like.

5 Replies to “Warm and sunny”

  1. Love the lilac stick. Lilacs are one of my favorite flowers. I can already taste the home grown tomatos that you are going to bring to me, when you are feeling like sharing. And I never knew that your favorite color is red. . .Good stuff.

  2. I love the green! And you are so lucky to have nice enough weather to be outside. It is hailing here today. Oh well. Also, thanks for the tribute to Kentucky Derby winners. Very interesting.

  3. Doctor Chef,
    the weeds are part of my strategy to keep my yard green. The way I figure it, weeds don’t require as much maintenance, and when everyone else’s grass filled yards are brown and struggling during the heat of summer, my weed filled yard is green.

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