Weird Stuff

Dr. Case came in to see me this morning. She didn’t really have anything new to say, but I asked her about what would happen when I got to 36 weeks. She said if I’m still 5 cm they will likely send me home, but if I am any bigger than that, they’ll go ahead and consider me “in labor” for real, and I guess deliver the baby.

The lady who brought me breakfast must have been new. Anyway I had never seen her before. She did not pick up my breakfast tray, therefore she didn’t pick up my menu either. The nurse finally collected it, and faxed my menu to them. Unfortunately they messed up both my lunch and my dinner. The worst of it was I had asked for chocolate milk for lunch, and I didn’t get it. How am I supposed to survive?

So for a while there I was having tons of contractions, so many that I was getting Terbutaline shots practically every day, sometimes two times a day. Since Friday, though, my contractions have slowed down quite a lot. This morning was pretty boring, no contractions or anything, but after I got off the monitor, I started feeling pressure. Not bad, but definitely different. Then during my my afternoon monitoring I was having contractions, along with the pressure. I got another Terb shot, and finally things started to slow down. What does all this mean? I have no idea.

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  1. I think it means Gaby REALLY wants to come out. Come on out Gaby, and join in the madness we call earth life! It will be full of fun and adventures, and plenty of chocolate milk, since mom won’t have to rely on a nurse anymore to bring it!

  2. I love that you are trying to figure it out. II think it will makes since when Gaby gets hear or you will be glad it is behind you .

  3. Hey, Noelle – You are really coming down to the wire now! I don’t get a chance to read your posts very often, but I have caught up now. I loved your coverage on the Derby and Cinco de Mayo! I learned so much!

    I agree with Rachelle that it was hard for me to make out the ultrasound pic, but I am glad that all the measurements were good. I am hoping you have the baby before you get sent home. I think it sounds like the safest thimg. Besides, you have already come this far. Think of it as the home stretch to the finish line! With a miraculous prize at the end!

    So many shots! I can’t imagine. Do they all go in your butt, or do they alternate the sites? You must have built up scar tissue. OUCH! I hate shots.

    I appreciate all the time you put into these postings. Once the baby comes, it will probably be months before we hear from you again. I love you, Honey, and I am so proud of you and all you and your family have sacrificed for this very lucky child. -Anne

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