We’re a bunch of losers

Today was the Kentucky Derby. We had a Derby Party at my in-laws’ house. In keeping with tradition, we each drew the name of a horse in the Derby. Then we all have a horse (or 2) to cheer for. The winner gets a prize, the person who comes in 2nd gets a prize, the person who comes in 3rd gets a prize, and the person who comes in dead last gets a prize. Well, Gabi’s horse (Comma to the Top) came in dead last, but what was really funny is that Rachel’s horse (Watch Me Go) came in 2nd to last, mine (Twinspired) came in 3rd to last, and Jeff’s (Midnight Interlude) came in 4th to last. The four of us managed to get the last four horses. What are odds of that happening?

Just in case you missed the race, here it is:

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