Why the hospital is a nice place to live.

Now that I am an experienced hospital dweller, I am learning some of the tricks to make this place better. One thing I have learned is if I want it, ask for it. I don’t have to wait for somebody to offer it.

1. I get chocolate milk whenever I want (which is rather frequently).
2. I get rice krispie treats. The ones I’ve gotten lately aren’t as big as last time, but today for lunch they gave me two.
3. I get ice cream. I’m limited to vanilla, chocolate and strawberry unless I can convince somebody to buy me a specialty flavor, but I can live with the simple flavors.
4. That’s about it.

Today I got a visitor from the “Family and Pregnancy Educator” who supposedly taught me how to nurse. For some reason I don’t think I’ll really get it until there is actually a real baby involved.

Dr. Hill came to see me today. Nothing new. I guess it is rather up in the air if I am sent home at 34 weeks or 36 weeks or whenever. They will reevaluate me when I get to 34 weeks. I guess I’ll learn my fate then.

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  1. I am seriously laughing. How do you teach someone to nurse if there is no baby to work with?! Maybe she was just really bored and figured you were an audience that was not going to go anywhere. 🙂 I’ll tell the chef to make bigger rice krispie treats next time I visit. Have you tried making rice krispie treats with cocoa krispies? Ive thought about it but never done it. Wonder how it would taste. . .

  2. This one’s for your friend Holly. Cocoa Rice Krispy treats are delicious – she should definitely make them!
    And the nursing…I didn’t understand the whole concept until Nicholas was almost a week old. Poor baby was starving by the time I figured it out! My advice(you can take it or leave it) is that you get a pump before the baby comes so you’ll be ready for when your milk shows up. I learned the hard way!

  3. Hey, I’d go to the hospital if I got that stuff whenever I wanted! We should go up and visit you, and bring our ice cream makers that you toss around and it becomes ice cream.
    You could have fresh made ice cream, right in front of your eyes!

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