A day off

My regular readers (all 2 of them) may have noticed that I did not blog yesterday. I hope that I can be forgiven for this breach of protocol. Do you want to hear my excuse? I was sick.

I woke up Thursday morning with a cold. It was mostly in my chest, with a bad cough. I’ve been taking Robitussin, Sudafed, Mucinex and Tylenol. Had I been at home I probably would not have taken anything. I would have just gutted it out, complaining the whole time.

By yesterday I was feeling pretty rotten. My biggest complaint was how much coughing hurts. The muscles around my rib cage hurt so much when I coughed. I mostly slept all day long, only waking long enough to put on a happy face when I had visitors. I don’t think I faked them out much, though. One of my visitors was Rachel (with Jeff). She was kind of tired herself when she came over, so she didn’t stay for too long. Later that evening I found out that Rachel is sick too. She reportedly had a fever of 103°. That makes me kind of worried. Jeff called me this morning and said that he too is feeling pretty bad. So it is a rough time for the Gosnell family.

My doctor came to see me this morning, and unhinted that I might go home next week. I didn’t even say anything, but she said that everything is looking pretty good, and the next “safe date” is 28 weeks, at which point they would reevaluate and I might be able to go home. That means that it is the next milestone that we are aiming for, when more risks are in the past. I’m not disappointed because I didn’t really believe that I would go home next week. If their goal is to keep me guessing, it’s working like a charm. My doctor also told me that tomorrow I would have the glucose tolerance test. From what I understand it involves drinking some really sweet stuff and then taking some blood. They told me not to fast, but to not eat anything sweet either, so I’m planning on eating eggs for breakfast tomorrow. I will give a more complete report of the test after I have taken it.

I am happy to report that as of this morning I am feeling better. I still have a cough, that still hurts, but it is better, so I fully expect to be my old cheerful healthy self in no time. (Emphasis on the “cheerful” and “healthy” not the “old”.)

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  1. The glucose test is pretty gross. You have to drink this little bottle of orange flavored sugar "syrup". It's really gross & you have to CHUG it. But not too bad. With Bo it made me really sick & light headed because I was failling. But this time it didn't bother me at all & I passed. Good luck!

    It was good seeing you yesterday & I'm sorry that you were sick. 🙁

    The wedding was nice. They are so sweet! I hope someone lets you see pics. I didn't take any.

  2. Hey there. Just signed up on google so you can get this I think??
    Hope all goes well tomorrow. I’ve got a nasty cold too YUCK!! I hope to get up to see you soon!

  3. The glucose tolerance test is my least favorite thing about being pregnant. The absolute grossest liquid ever that you must drink! One of my friends got to eat a lot of skittles for her test. Lucky her.

  4. I hope the glucose test goes ok for you! I only failed it once… the last time. LOL That’s good, right? lol

    Hang in there… we’re almost well here now and will come to visit soon!! 🙂

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