A Full Week

It has been a very full week. If I were smart I would have kept this blog more up-to-date because now I have to remember all the things that have been going on.

I started potty training Rachel for real last Wednesday. This attempt has been much more successful than previous attempts. First of all, she has been accepting of wearing panties after Day 1, and second, she has been willing to sit on the potty when I want her to, at least most of the time. Nevertheless, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday our success was moderate at best. On Sunday, however, we started making real progress. Rachel didn’t have an accident all day until late afternoon. Monday she didn’t have an accident at all, and not today either. So I can’t say she is totally potty trained, but she is certainly on the potty train.

Friday night I was wanting a snack, so I toasted myself a pop tart. When it came out of the toaster I gingerly picked it up, but dropped it. I lunged to catch it and ended up burning myself really badly on the frosting part. I ended up with a huge blister, and it hurt a lot. I kept it in cool water for a couple of hours because every time I took it out of the water the pain was really bad. Jeff, my knight in shining armor, went to Wal-Mart late at night to get me some gauze, medical tape and ibuprofen to treat my burned finger. I went to bed with my hand in the cool water so that I could tolerate the pain. When I woke up the next morning it didn’t really hurt very much anymore. The lesson that I learned: you’re never to old for pop tarts. Just be more careful!

Saturday we spent the day at Jeff’s parents house building a ramp so that Jeff’s grandmother wouldn’t have to use the stairs. It took us pretty much all day, but our final product was pretty good. The next ramp will be even better.

Monday we had a birthday party for Rachel with the extended family. It was a great success. Rachel had a great time and loved all of her presents. She is really growing up. I keep saying it, but I am constantly taken aback by how grown up she is.
Today we took Scout to the vet for a haircut and some shots. He was not enthused to go to the doctor, but the people at the office said he was very sweet. I agree.

Gabi really likes corn on the cob.

Rachel making a new friend at Stake Conference.

Tomorrow should be exciting too, but I will not tell you what’s going on. You’ll just have to wait and see.

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