Happy Birthday Rachel

Today Rachel is 3 years old. Where did the time go? How did she get to be so grown up?

We started today’s celebrations by going to the dentist. You might think I’m cruel to make her go to the dentist on her birthday, but believe it or not Rachel has been asking to go to the doctor for weeks now. She is always saying something like “My leg hurts. I need a doctor.” So we went to a tooth doctor. She did okay for her first visit.
She really liked the air/water syringe. She practiced a little air/water dentistry on Gabi.
That went so well she decided to try it on herself.
I forgot to mention it yesterday, but as a present to Rachel we got her toenails done again. It’s supposed to be candy. When you are only 3 it’s hard to stay really still, so it got a little smudged, but there you have it. (Photo forthcoming)

The girl who did Rachel’s nails convinced me to let her paint one of my toenails. I was good and held very still. (Go Yankees!)

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