A Fun Package

When I was a little kid my Mom and some of my sisters made a quilt. It was made from worn out clothes. Remember, I was a little kid, so we’re talking the 70s. The clothes, therefore, were 70s style, so taste was somewhat lacking. I would like to say that I helped make the quilt, but I’m pretty sure I was a nuisance more than anything.

Ten years ago or so I was given the quilt. It was extremely worn out. Many of the squares were badly torn. After being in my possession for a while, it was even worse.

Last year my Dad and his wife Harriet came for a visit (for Gabi’s blessing), and Harriet noticed the very poor condition of the quilt, and she offered to repair it for me, so she took it with her when she left.

We went to story time at the Library this morning, and as we were returning home, as I pulled into the driveway, I noticed a large box on my front step. I love getting packages.

I opened the package and saw my repaired quilt. Yay! I love that old quilt. I don’t care if it is a little ugly due to its 70s heritage. I love it anyway. So I really appreciate all the work Harriet did to repair it.

But that was not all. Folded up inside the quilt was a painting of Jeff and I on our wedding day. It was painted by a former tenant of my Dad and Harriet, and she did it in lieu of a rent payment. It’s pretty cool to have a painting of us.

New Topic:
Last night Rachel insisted that she sleep in her panties instead of her diaper. She has had several dry nights, but it is not something we can count on, so I was not sure if we would be washing sheets this morning or not. As it turns out, she did stay dry, so yay Rachel! She’s sleeping in her panties again tonight. We’ll see how it goes.

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