A Hard Day

Poor Rachel is having a hard day, but she is in a pretty good humor in spite of it.

On Friday I noticed that Rachel had some kind of bug bite under her arm. It was kind of ugly, but since it was not her first bite (by a long shot) I kind of ignored it. On Saturday evening I noticed that it was a lot more red. I decided to ask one of the resident doctors at church for their opinion, and figured I would consult with her pediatrician on Monday. The guy said, yeah, I should definitely take her to the pediatrician, but that she should be fine until then.

Today is the last day that we have 1:00 church. Starting in September we meet at 9:00. Today Jeff was also given a new calling, as the financial secretary, so he (we) stayed late so that he could count tithing. There was a baptism also, so we stayed for that. (I accompanied a girl on the piano for a musical number.) We ended up not getting home until 5:30. Rachel was pretty tired, but her 7 minute nap in the car on the way home seemed to give her adequate rest, and she was not interested in going down for a longer nap.

A few minutes before 7:00 I got a phone call from Jeff’s sister, Trish, saying that they were driving home from a wedding, and were going to stop by their parents, and did we want to go and visit for a bit. We said of course, and went up to Jeff’s parents.

While I was there I was holding Rachel, and I gave her forehead a kiss. It felt hot. I asked Jeff what he thought, and he thought it was hot too. We took her temperature, and it was 100.3. Okay, maybe that’s not a big deal, but it is definitely more than 98.6. I started to worry. I looked under Rachel’s arm, and I could tell that the red area was more puffy, and hot. I called my friend Anne, who is a nurse, and her husband is a doctor. She suggested drawing a circle the circumference of the red area to see how it is progressing, and she also suggested baby Motrin to treat the inflammation. Andrea called her dad who is a doctor, and he gave us more suggestions. Jeff’s dad called a guy in their ward who is a doctor, and he called in a prescription to the pharmacy for an antibiotic.

Jeff, his dad and his brother Paul gave Rachel a blessing, and Jeff and I went to the pharmacy to pick up her prescription and the baby Motrin.

Rachel has always been pretty cooperative about taking medicine. She took the Motrin pretty well, but was not very enthusiastic about the antibiotic. In the course of giving Rachel her medicine, she had her head back, and I spotted another tooth. Say hello to tooth #G. That’s the left primary lateral incisor. Tooth #D (right primary lateral incisor) is very close too.

Rachel at least got a very nice nap in this morning. Doesn’t look super comfortable, but she slept well.

7 Replies to “A Hard Day”

  1. Well I think you are great parents for being so on the ball and paying so close attention. Too many times I let things slide or don’t even notice until it becomes too big of a deal. I hope she is feeling better!

  2. oh,poor Rache, that looks so painful! It’s so hard to know what to do all of the time. You are the sweetest mom ever Noelle. I’m so glad that you have Rache. Hope she is all better now.

  3. poor baby! I can’t even begin to tell you all of the strange things Nicholas and Michael have picked up over the years that they had to go to the doctor for. It’s good that she’s feeling better!

  4. Poor kiddo! It seems like the onslaught of erupting teeth and bug bites were a little too much for her system. You are such a good mommy and daddy. She’s lucky to have you.

  5. Incidentally, I have a picture of justin at about the same age asleep in a completely folded in half position, with his head between his feet. I tried unfolding him, but he woke up and was pretty mad at me.

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